• Press tool design and manufacture.
  • Prototype pressed parts.
  • Surface machining of 3D parts
  • Wire erosion


Press tool design and manufacture.

This can start from a 'fag packet' sketch, where we model the client's component, to full Catia models which if transferred correctly can be used immediatley. Poorly constructed or badly translated data will often be fully remodelled and we can construct models and drawings from wire frame/surfaces if required. Tools are all machined and constructed from fully modelled designs, and clearances, cams, oil wipers, bought in parts etc are all included from our libraries. Bespoke progression tool software produces predicted tonnages, material yields and automated process layouts.

Prototype pressed parts.

Starting from the same point, we can quickly machine soft dies to create fully featured parts for development, production trials, tool trials or very short production runs.

Surface machining of 3D parts

All our machining centres have heavy duty spindles and large tool libraries, so we can make good use of overnight machining. Our CAM systems cut toolpaths up into timed sections, inserting tool changes where necessary. The latest cutting tip technology is also used for the best finish results.

Wire erosion

4 wire erosion machines including 2 Mitsubishis and 2 Hitachis are available for fully unmanned cutting 363 days a year.